The key is never stop learning, whether you’re a pro behind the bar or just exploring how to become a bartender, these bartending tips can help you deliver great results.

  • Always buy the best alcohol you can afford. The better the quality of alcohol, the better the flavour notes in your drink.
  • Know how to combine Spirits. If you are using similar spirits in your cocktail, you will need an equal amount of each. But if you are combining spirits with different flavor profile, use an ounce and a half of the weaker and a half ounce of the stronger one.
  • Use Fresh ingredients. Make your trip to the farmer’s market early too. If you pick up things at the end of the day, you won’t be getting the freshest ingredients.
  • Don’t forget to garnish. A fabulous garnish will make sure that both the eyes and the stomach scream “great cocktail!” A well place slice of lime or fresh herb really dresses up a cocktail.
  • The temperature matters. Placing the glass in the fridge or freezer before you put a cold drink in it will make the drinks stay cold longer. The same goes in reverse too. Hot toddies should be served in preheated mugs so that they keep the drink warm longer.
  • Lemon or lime? A good rule of thumb is to use lemons when you use brown liquors and lime when you use white liquors. That is why lime and tequila go so well and lemon and rum sours work well.
  • Don’t forget the sugar. Most drinks that call for sweet liqueurs are not sweet enough. Adding a small amount of simple syrup can make or break the cocktail.
  • When to shake. Some drinks like to be shaken so that they have bubbles. save the shaking for citrus style drinks and those with egg, cream, and simple syrups in them. Many whiskey and gin cocktails are stirred instead.
  • The ice matters too. Ice is ice, right? Well think of it this way – how fresh is 2 week old ice? A good trick is to use distilled water in ice cube trays for a drink party.

Now that you know how to make a great cocktail, why not put your skills to the test with a cocktail recipes perfect for these days.

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